Smyser Kaplan & Veselka, or “SKV”, the elite trial and litigation boutique in Houston, today announced the start of construction of their expanded office-space on floor 28 at 717 Texas. The firm will be moving from their current office at 700 Louisiana Street where the offices are 22,388 square-feet. Their new office location will expand to 27,795 square feet. SKV will take possession of the entire 28th floor for their expanded office project. The office is not only a step up in square footage for the firm; it will also offer a state-of-the-art approach to client services and security. The footprint expansion, paired with market-leading design and technology will usher in a new era for SKV’s approach to client services, recruiting, and collaboration. The office is set to open in August of 2019.

“This move gives SKV the kind of security and technological access which clients expect today”, said SKV partner and founder, Craig Smyser. “To protect our clients’ data and documents, no person can take an elevator to SKV’s floor without preclearance, and there will no uninvited persons on our floor. Our data storage facilities are state of the art,” Smyser said. “Of course we love the new look to our offices and their proximity to both federal and state courthouses, but it is these improvements in data protection, video-conferencing capabilities, and other technological advancements that drove our move.”

The contracting team at Basic Builders is heading up the project, while Jory Alexander of Kendall/Heaton Associates is the lead design architect, and Megan Ebert is the interior designer, both of whom will ensure that the project will be built to the highest of industry standards from beginning to end. From the inception of the project, SKV was committed to state-of the-art design and security features, and was focused on maintaining a balance between the rich history of SKV’s past, and the modern technology and design aesthetic of the future.

“We are thrilled by what this move signals about the exciting future of the firm, but more importantly, by what this move and expansion means for our clients”, said SKV partner, Ty Doyle. “Client service is our number one priority, and with these major advances, we will be able to do more for our clients, and at lower cost. We know that our team of legal professionals and the services that we offer are truly bar none, and we are looking forward to expanding our stellar offerings in 2019 and beyond.”

The new office project will feature five conference rooms, multiple breakout rooms, various lounge areas, and a wellness room with facilities for new mothers. The floor possesses ten-foot high windows, which allow an abundance of natural light across the entire space. The building also allows potential access to a fresh outdoor green space for visitors and guests to use.

The office location is nestled conveniently within multiple desired attractions in downtown Houston, including luxury hotels, bars, restaurants, entertainment venues, and the theatre and historic districts.

“Our new space at 717 Texas will be a game changer for SKV as we know it,” added Lee Kaplan, SKV founder and partner. “We continue to set the standard for litigation work across the state of Texas and beyond, and our work at our new space will take us to an even higher caliber of firm.”



Kelli Betner

Manager of Communications, SKV



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