Fifth Circuit Affirms Quantlab’s $12.2 Million Trade Secret Misappropriation Win


In 2015, after years of litigation, a team of SKV lawyers Lee Kaplan, Ty Doyle, and Alex Wolf, working with lawyers from Littler, won a $12.2 million jury verdict against former Quantlab employee Andriy Kuharsky and co-conspirator Emmanuel Mamalakis. /news-and-results/2015/july/27/victory-for-quantlab.aspx?page=9  In essence, Quantlab alleged that Kuharsky and Mamalakis, along with other defendants who settled prior to trial, conspired to steal and exploit intellectual property belonging to Quantlab, a successful high-frequency trading operation. This theft allowed the conspirators to make millions of dollars through competing operations.  The District Court had entered the damages judgment and enjoined both defendants from participating in any automated high frequency trading business for two years.

Today, that same team, with enormous contributions by Michelle Stratton, won another victory in the case, as a unanimous panel of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the District Court in all respects.

From The Texas Lawbook

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