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When a firm hires the best professionals and treats them like adults, it achieves exceptional outcomes for its clients while creating an environment where employees genuinely enjoy coming to work every day. SKV was founded over 25 years ago by “BigLaw” partners who believed that they could create a better law firm, and we think we’ve done it.  We'd love for you to consider joining our team.

Why work for SKV?

  • We're focused. We’re a firm focused exclusively on providing outstanding service in litigation, arbitration, appeals, and white collar criminal defense/investigations.  Our clients are some of the biggest companies in the world, as well as businesses/individuals facing their most challenging cases.
  • We’re not big, and we don’t want to be. As of today, we have 28 lawyers.  We’ll continue to grow to meet client demand, but never hire for the sake of hiring.
  • We invest in our young lawyers. At SKV, we select our associates carefully, with the expectation that every one of them will become an equity partner in 6-8 years. And towards that end, we give our associates real work, real time in court, real client interactions, and a real voice in firm decision-making. 
  • We respect our team.  Practicing law at a high level is going to require some long nights and travel, but we pride ourselves on treating all the members of our team like adults. There is no face time requirement and no pointless busywork, and as a result, our lawyers seem genuinely happy.
  • We’re extremely diverse.  No matter how you define diversity, SKV has lots of it.  If you can practice law at a high level, you’ll find a home at SKV. Again, because we treat each of our incoming lawyers as future partners, we work to find ways that our associates can remain with the firm for the long haul, even when family/childcare needs may take precedence. 
  • We actually like each other.  SKV is the kind of place where lawyers eat lunch together, hang out after work, and even take vacations together with their families.  You can’t fake the kinds of bonds our lawyers have with each other.
  • Oh yeah, we also pay quite well. Salaries and annual bonuses at SKV are competitive with or better than those of large, major market firms. We try to reward extra effort and achievement. And when we have great years, we share the wealth, often in the form of special bonuses. 

Who are we looking for?

  • We want candidates who have outstanding academic credentials and a real passion for the specific work we do.
  • We want candidates with an entrepreneurial mindset, the types of lawyers that want the freedom to develop their own practices and who want to contribute to making SKV the best firm it can be.
  • Because clerking provides exceptional training for young lawyers, we expect that absent exceptional circumstances, all of our associates will have at least one clerkship for a federal judge or state supreme court judge.
  • We hire junior lawyers out of clerkships and government honors programs, as well as lateral attorneys, including AUSAs, who realize that their values are more aligned with ours than those of traditional BigLaw shops.


If you’d like to become a part of our team, please contact and send a resume, academic transcripts, and a writing sample. Please advise us if you want your communication to remain confidential.  And if you’re in the Houston area and would like to see what we're all about, please stop by one of our weekly happy hours, which we hold every Friday at 5:00 pm.