All Charges Dismissed for SKV Client Dawnna Dukes, Member of the Texas House of Representatives


In early 2017, SKV partners Shaun Clarke and Dane Ball were hired by Dawnna Dukes, a 12-term member of the Texas House of Representatives, after she was charged in 3 separate indictments with 15 counts of alleged public corruption.

Over the course of months, SKV mounted legal and factual challenges that dismantled all three indictments, including obtaining sworn declarations from four key witnesses who discredited the State’s case.  In light of the declarations obtained by SKV, the State admitted to the Court it needed a trial continuance to consider whether it could still proceed to trial.  The Judge ordered the State to “fish or cut bait” (i.e., announce ready for trial or dismiss) by October 30, 2017.

On October 23, 2017, the State dismissed every count in all three indictments.  The State agreed it would not refile any of the indictments or pursue other charges based on their allegations in the future.

“Complete dismissals are rare, and it is extremely gratifying to obtain one that vindicates one of the longest-sitting members of the Texas House of Representatives,” Ball said after the dismissal.

SKV associates Sydney Scott and Alex Wolf assisted with the case; and SKV thanks Austin attorney Matthew Shrum, who served as local counsel.


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