About Us


In 1995, three partners at major Houston firms set out to build a different kind of law firm. Their experience forged their beliefs about what they wanted (and did not want) at SKV.

Rather than provide legal counsel for every conceivable matter, the new firm would focus only on trial work, arbitrations and appeals. SKV would still exhibit the highest commitment to client services, but that commitment would include working with clients to find alternatives to the billable hour. In an era when everyone was scrambling to become bigger, SKV would grow slowly, hiring the most promising young lawyers out of clerkships or early in their careers and spending time and resources training them to become outstanding lawyers in their own right. And finally, unlike many firms where intra-office relationships are often strained and widespread attrition is actually part of the business model, SKV would strive to create a collegial environment where lawyers enjoyed working together and would measure their tenures in decades, not months.

It is safe to say our founders’ vision has paid off. We have met those goals but continue to maintain them.  In recent years, the firm has repeatedly been named the best litigation firm in the state of Texas. Benchmark Litigation named SKV one of the 10 best litigation boutiques in the United States. Our collection of high-profile victories against other reputable firms, large and small, continues to grow. SKV never wanted to be like other law firms.  We wanted to be better.  And we suspect that you will appreciate our unique approach to the practice of law, as well.   

SKV attorneys are fluent in a variety of languages including English, Spanish, Romanian, and Russian. This ensures our ability to serve clients across the globe.  We hope to hear from you.